Google+ Raising a Trilingual Child: December 2014


Monday, December 22, 2014

Find a Playdate in YOUR Language

I know how it is sometimes hard to find a platedate for your child. It is even harder, if you are a multilingual family and looking for a playdate in your language.

With a thought of you and with a wish to help many multilingual parents around the word, I offer you an opportunity to find each other just simply filling out the form below and waiting for a match to occur.

Try it!

There might be a great family living next to you down the block, with whom you will be able to share the joy and worries of raising multilingual children!

It is simple!

In the form below put

The city and the country you live in.

Language you would like to speak during a playdate.
There is also a field to add another language , if you are interested in more than one.

The child's year of birth, in order to match the families with children of the same age whenever is possible.

And your email address to send the matched family contact info. Your email will be kept confidential and will be used strictly to make a contact with other families. If you are interested to subscribe to the Raising a Trilingual Child newsletter, you would need to follow this link or use a form on the webside's side bar.

Feel free to share the information about this opportunity with others!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Why You Should Visit Italy During Winter Holiday Season and Why You Should Not.

I am keeping the promise I made last year to tell you more about Christmas in Italy. And will tell you why you should visit Italy during Christmas and why you should not.

Winter in Italy is cold and not sunny if you listen to Italians living there.  Visitors from northern parts of this world would not agree with that statement.  Take Milan, one of the biggest cities up north; it has on average 11 sunny days in December.  Yes, there is thick morning fog some mornings.  But it is beautiful!  You feel like the famous Russian hedgehog in the fog!  I love this cartoon, BTW!  Watch it, if you have not seen it.  It also has English subtitles!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Life Story: A language story that spans two centuries.

If you are undecided whether you should pass your mother tongue onto your child or not, read this story. 
Lets take a look at the way international families life was back in the last century. 
Back then, parents had many obstacles in preserving and passing their mother tongue onto their children.  
I can only say: Today we are very lucky! We have so much support coming from all around us! Let's make sure that our children can speak at least two languages because, as Danuta Rosevear says, "... knowing a language well also means understanding other people’s desires, needs and worries..."