Google+ Raising a Trilingual Child: March 2016


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter everyone!

Happy Easter to everyone!

Look what I found in one Italian pastry shop! - Chocolate Minions! :)


minions easter eggs italian chocolate

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tips on Rolling Your R's. Сreative Kids Culture Blog Hop - March 2016

Did I tell you that one of my trilingual children is trying to master perhaps one of the most difficult sounds in all the languages that have it - “R”. The first word he said was not "mama", it was "rul’" (руль) which is “steering wheel” in Russian. So it is one of the first sounds he was able to pronounce, but unfortunately the tongue had remained in not the correct position accord to his SLP. Happily everything is getting better now and his guttural R is finally changing to the rolling R.

I am sure my child is not alone with this kind of problem, and in some cases parents can help to correct their child's pronunciation. I talk about it in my earlier article:  Ha ha ha or correcting your child's pronunciation problem.

I really liked Frances’ post where she shares tips from parents on how to roll R. Check it out, it might be just the right little push your child needs.