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Russian Books

Russian Children's Books, Cartoons and Movies - Лучшие Детские Книги, Мультфильмы и фильмы на Русском

Russian Books
On this page you will find a list of children's books in Russian language sorted by age groups. I list only the books I like and read with  my children.

I also added our favorite children cartoon's and movie's titles with youtube videos.

I will be adding more book and video titles, please check back the list later.
(See the last update date below.)

If you go to Kids Radio page, you could listen to children's songs and stories on one of the kids' radio stations in Russian.

Books for 0+ Age:

Спи моя радость усни My children like this book very much

Азбука для мальчиков   Girls will enjoy reading this book as well. 

*100 стихов малышам (S)We all love this book. A must have! It is also  a small size book.

Стихии сказки   Самуил Маршак (Samuil Marshak) 

К нам приходил никто  Татьяна Бокова (Tatiana Bokova). My children enjoy reading this book very much. You can start reading it earlier then it is suggested by the publisher.

Звонкий день by Boris Zakhoder  

Паровозик из Ромашково by Gennadiy Zyferov

*Лучшие произведения для детей от 0-3 лет  The most recent edition of one of the first books my children read. We own the book published earlier.

Золотая книга сказок with illustrations by Vladimir Suteev.

Азбука русской живописи  Russian painters presented in alphabetical order with a short bio info, their portraits and some paintings. We were looking at the pictures at first. It is a good for speech development as well.

Ходит солнышко по кругу (S)by Irina Tokmakova (poetry)

Дивная Пора (S) Poetry about nature by Russian poets 
I highly recommend this book. It includes poems written by Tutchev, Blog, Pushkin, Esenin, Drozhizhin, Nekrasov, Bunin and Fet grouped by season. Beautiful pictures by G. Tselischev  are indexed with the names of animals, birds & flowers

Ворна и лисица by Ivan Krilov

Вершки и корешки
Лиса и журавель 
У Лукоморья by A.S. Pushkin  

Бременские музыканты by Grimm 

Любимые стихи и истории для малышей Story book 

Лис и мынонок by V. Bianki  

Ромашки в январе by M. Pliatskovskij. Great book to read to 2 and 4 years olds together! 

Books for 3+ Age:

Сказки про Бабу - Ягу Oh! My son just loves this one. The pictures are particular. I hope it will be reprinted.

Aленушкины Сказки by Dmitry Mamin-Sibiryak

Приключения барона Мюнхаузена by Rudolf Erich Raspe
Bolshaja Kniga Skazok by Sergey Kozlov

Муми-тролли by K. Alan and T Miakel. Book series.

Лёля и Минька Михаил Зощенко (M. Zoschenko)

Konyushnya na Elovoj Gorke. Anya Idet v Poni-klub by Reetta Niemela

Skazki. Ruslan i Ludmila by A.S. Pushkin. It is a very beautiful book. You can started reading some of the stories, when your child is 2 years old.

V Pogone za Shliapoj by Sven Nordqvist

Minus i Bolshoj Mir by Sven Nordqvist

Prodelki Findusa , Chuzhak v Ogorode , Petson Idet v Pohod ,Petson Grustit and more great stories about Petson and his cat Findus by Sven Nordqvist 

Mowgli by Rudyard Kipling.  It is a short version with big pictures on every page. Even 2 year old is able to follow.

Pervoe Muzikalnoe Puteshestvie by Olga Rimko  This book teaches and explains everything about music. 

Sasha i Masha (S) by Annie Schmidt. Five great books. Your child will ask you to keep reading them! My 2 years old girl likes them very much.

Ponaroshkino book series by Alexey Shevchenko.  Interesting stories. My 2,5 years old loves them

Ckazki Mishki Ushastika by Ceslav Yancharskiy. This is one of my favorite books from my childhood time and I am glad that both of my children (2,5 & 4 ,5 years old) like these nice stories about a bear and his friends.

Books for 4+ Age:

Dnevnik Foksa Mikki by Sasha Cherny
Emil i Malishka Ida by Astrid Lindgren

Bolshaja Kniga Skazok by Ganni Rodari 

Tort s Neba by Ganni Rodari

Atlas Zemli by Inna Svetlova.  Great book to use as introduction to geography & astronomy.

Прогулки по лесу Forest encyclopedia with thematic chapters  - "walks" that talk about animals, trees, mushrooms, birds, berries and insects. The first chapter explains how our ancestors imagined Leshy, Baba-Yaga and Vodyanoy.

Papa, Mama, Babushka, Vosem Detej i Gruzovik by Anne-Cath. Vestly

Vinni-Puh i Vse-Vse-Vse by A.A. Miln, B. Zahoder

Prikljuchenija Neznajki i ego druzej. Neznajka v Solnechnom gorode  by Nikolay Nosov

Neznajka na Lune by Nikolay Nosov

Pro Malenkogo Porosenka Pljuha by Unga Ballod and Irina Rumjantseva
Porosenok babe by Dick King-Smith

Karlson Kotorij Zhivet na Krishe, Opjat Priletel by Astrid Lindgren

Otkuda Berutsja Slova ili Zanimattelnaja Etimologia by Svetlana Lavrova. Russian Etymology.

Rasskazi dlja Detej by Mikhail Zoshchenko. My 2,5 years old daughter likes some chapters as well and was listening with a lot of interest.

Pochemu Trava Zalenaja by T. Jazanko. Great book with100 simple questions children like to ask to and parents sometimes have trouble finding answers to.

Prikljuchenija Zheltogo Chemodanchika by Sofia Prokofeva. Great book!
Лев Ларс считает звезды

Books for elementary and middle school age children:

Puteshestvija Gullivera by Jonathan Swift

Veseloe moreplavanie Solnishkina by V. Korzhikov. I read with my almost 5 years old. He just loves the story about a little boy on a big ship.
Skazochnie Povesti Books series. We have some of them in our library

Konek Gorbunok by Petr Ershov

Niandertalskij Malchik by Luciano Malmusi

Mufta, Polbotinka i Mohovaja Boroda by Eno Raud  I started reading it with 4,5 years old son and he loves it!!!  

Lady Daisy by Dick King-Smith  

Serebrjannoe kopitze by Pavel Bazhov 

Pautina Sharlotti. Stuart Little by E.B. White

Приключения Чиполлино  Джанни Родари (Ganni Rodari)

Илья Муромец by N. Nadezhdin  

Тайны Анатомии by Carol Donner. Amazing book! My kids keep asking me to read it, but it is too early for them.

Гобболино - ведьмин кот by Ursula Moray Williams

Маленький Водяной, Маленький Привидение, Маленькая Баба-Яга  by Otfried Preussler

Other Titles to Consider: 

Skazki Djadushki Rimusa by  Joel Chandler Harris

Гений поневоле  Тамара Крюкова (Tamara Krukova)

Learning Letters & Learning to read:

Kak Nauchitsya Bystro Chitat by Tatiana Bokova
Kak Nauchit Rebenka Chitat by Olga i Sergey Fedini

Picture books and  books for speech development:

Mоя Первая Книга. Самая любимая. От 6 месяцев до 3 лет - Picture encyclopedia for children

Activity Books:

Bukvy by Katia Matiushkina. Excellent tool for teaching writing block capital letters. Wipe clean technology.
Formy by Katia Matiushkima. Wipe clean technology.
Zyfry by Katia Matiushkina. Wipe clean technology.
Plastilinovie Poloski by Elena Janushko. To use with playdoh
Plastilinovie Pyatnyshki by Elena Janushko. To use with playdoh
Mathematics by M. Bedenko for 5-6 years old
Uchimsja opredeljat vremja. Kotorij Chas?  This book has a moving clock, which you can use for more practice with your child.

(S) - Small size book that is easy to take with you on a trip.

The books listed above are linked to the Russian online book store Labirint. Most of my books were purchased there.

Please write a comment, if you have any questions about children's books in Russian. I will be glad to answer your questions.

Лучшие Руссие Детские Мультфильмы и Фильмы.Best Russian Children's Cartoons and Movies:

Морская тематика и пираты. Marine Thematic & Pirates: 

Приключения капитана Врунгеля


Остров сокровищ

Рассказы старого моряка (E) (1.Neobichajnoe Putereshestvie.  2. Neobitaemij Ostrov.  3.Antarktida.)

Жизнь и удивительные приключения Робинзона Крузо  (Movie)

Мало слов. More Action & Less words:

Маша и Медведь

Ну, Погоди! 

Собаки, кошки и другие животные. Dogs, Kats and Animals:

Жизнь и приключения четырех друзей - (Movie)  4 серии

Жил был лис (E) (Movie) - Рассказывается о жизни лиса.

Космос и Фантастика. Space & Fantasy:

Тайна третьей планеты

Домовые, Привидения и Баба-Яга. Ghosts and Baba-Yaga:

Дядюшка Ау

Приключения домовёнка Кузи 

Ахи - Страхи. Змей на чердаке. Ничуть не страшно!

Кентервильское привидение

Бабка Ежка и другие (2006) - a great one!

Остальные мультфильмы и фильмы. Other Russian cartoons and movies.
Приключения Буратино

Винни-Пух и все все все 

38 Попугаев

Алиса в стране чудес 
Алиса в зазеркалье

Малыш и Карлсон

Приключения Электроника

Мери Роринс До свидания


Заколдованный мальчик


Бременские музаканты


Алло! Вас Слышу! (E)

Коля, Оля и Архимед (E)

Руслан и Людмила (Movie) 

Российские Мультсериалы

Финтики (Fintiki). Создан по мотивам повести Эдуарда Успенского "Гарантийные человечки".

Приключения Лунтика и его друзей


Смешарики - GoGoRiki (English), Kikoriki (German) Chicorichi (Italian), Smechariki (French) 

Куми-Куми - для детей 8 - 12 лет. 

Приключения в Изумрудном городе - создан по книгам Лаймэна Баума "Удивительный волшебник из страны Оз" и "Чудесная Страна Оз".  1. "Серебряные туфельки"; 2. "Тайна Великого волшебника"; 3. "Козни старой Момби";  4. "Принцесса Озма". 

Лёлик и Барбарики

Маша и Медведь - Masha and the Bear (English) ; Masha e Orso (Italian); Masha et Michka (French) ; Masha en de beer (Dutch);Masha y el Oso (Spanish); Mascha und der Bär (German); Masza i Niedźwiedź (Polish);

Барбоскины - сериал о семье собак  

Лунтик -  

Три котёнка 

Уроки тётушки Совы  (E)

Почемучка (E) - для детей от 7 до 12 лет

Новаторы (E) - научно-популярный мультсериал, рассказывающий об изобретениях российских учёных.

Сказки старого пианино (E) - знакомит детей с биографиями и творчеством великих композиторов : Людвиг ван Бетховен; Антонио Вивальди; Роберт Шуман. Письма; Вольфганг Амадей Моцарт; Джоаккино Россини. Записки гурмана; Чайковский. Элегия; Сергей Прокофьев. Четвёртый апельсин; И. С. Бах;Джордж Гершвин; Шопен; Клод Дебюсси. Шу-Шу.

Алиса знает, что делать! - снят по мотивам книг Кира Булычёва про Алису Селезнёву. 

Незнайка на Луне - 12-серийный мультипликационный фильм по мотивам книги Николая Носова 

Удивительные приключения Хомы  - снят по мотивам произведений о Хоме Альберта Иванова. 

Летающие звери -  для детей от 6 до 12 лет

(E) - Educational cartoons

Last Updated: 22 July 2015


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    1. You are welcome! I've just received some great Russian books and plan to add more titles soon. Please stop by again :)

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  3. Thank you so much for this list! This is amazing! Can you recommend a source for Russian Children's Audio Books.

  4. Is it possible to order from the United states?

    1. Yes. Now many online book stores in Russia offer worldwide delivery. Check Labirint and Ozon.

  5. Is it possible to order books from the USA on that website?

  6. Any recommendations on where i can buy games? Whether it be board games, phone apps, puzzles...
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