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Monday, January 13, 2014

What should I order? Mortadella alphabet! - Fun way to learn letters and start writing them.

 Apparently there is nothing as easy and fun as teaching  your child letters using an aromatic Italian mortadella! One evening I was preparing appetizer for kids, I took a big piece of  mortadella, the Italian heat-cured meat sausage,  and
started slicing it and cutting it in cubes and sticks. Kids were so exited and the older one recognized a letter "I" in one of the sticks. Then I thought, why don't I just make something else instead of shapes. Here is what I came up with:


I made Russian alphabet! I asked children to guess what letter I was cutting. Whoever guessed first was receiving the yummy letter.

If you also came up with some fun way to teach the letters thought food, please share below!

The same day  my son was playing with his little kitchen toys. He was preparing dishes for me to taste. The sea shells that we brought from Albufeera this summer with plastic fruits and veggies tasted really good. Then my little cook decided to pass from "table d'hôte" menu to "a la carte". He took a piece of paper, a marker and was ready to take my order. He was ready to write! I could not think of a better opportunity to work with him on some word writing and spelling. I started with an apple juice ("яблочный сок" in Russian) and a lemon ice cream ( "лемонное мороженое"). He was so eager to write the words and, what is important, thought about each letter he was writing. He was checking with me the spelling. After he served the order, the items on the list were crossed ( letter by letter). I finished eating and there was a sign ready: "The restaurant is closed" ("ресторан закрыт").

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  1. This is genius! Do you have an alphabet cookie-cutter? I bet you can find use for it!

  2. Thank you, Maria! I had to shape the mortadella with a knife. I have a silicon Russian alphabet form and think of backing something in it or making some Russian alphabet chocolates!

  3. These are brilliant ideas, that make me think the possibilities could be endless! Thanks for sharing your creative ideas Galina!

  4. Inspiring, fun and yummy way to teach your language! Thanks for sharing, Galina!