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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What I Love about my Trilingual Kids.

The Valentine's day is approaching, so let’s have some fun and talk about love; love in relation to our multilingual children. So, what do you love about your bilingual / trilingual kids?

Here is what I love about my kiddos:

1. they can switch between the languages with ease!

2. you never know in what language they will talk during their sleep

3. you can leave them with the monolingual grandparents that are visiting you, knowing that everything will be fine and nobody will starve even if the adults can not say what they need at a local store - the grandchildren will do all the talking for them.

4. you can leave them with two sets of grandparents, who do not speak each other‘s languages, and go on vacation and know that grandparents from both sides will be able to talk to each other thanks to the little translators!

5. they have three different perspectives on life

6. they never get bored from reading the same book - just read it in another language!

7. they can follow the messy multilingual family / family friends conversation, when one speaks one language and answers to others in another and it all makes sense to them.

8. they can find friends easily no matter where they are

9. they are great communicators in general

10. they know what the fastest means of transportation are and are used to flying

11. they are reflection of the way I speak my mother tongue as I am the main language input for them

12. they explode with creativity and imagination. I wonder where that is coming from…

13. they are the sweetest kids, who hug and kiss me such that I feel that I am their baby and not the way around.

What about you?

What do you love about your bilingual / trilingual child?

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  1. All the above and they can make jokes in several languages. Both my children have such a sense of humour!