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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Letter learning activity with a multilingual twist. FREE Printable Russian & English Alphabet Letters.

This post is a part of the ABC’s series. Today's letter is "L" and !"L" is for "Letters"! Since I raise trilingual children that speak Italian, Russian and English, I thought of offering you some letter learning activity with a multilingual twist.

Just think Russian language also has a sound “L”, but the letter is written differently - ”Л”.  Or Russian "B" corresponds to an English sound "V". My Russian-Italian-English trilingual kids , who I taught the letter sounds early, are doing pretty well in distinguishing the letters from different alphabets. They read in Russian and Italian  and successfully experimenting with English. (I write "experimenting" because I do not really teach them, they just try to read English words to me and I correct them and explain some rules).

If you are raising bilingual/trilingual kids it is always a good idea to point out to them that the same letter can have a different sound in another language they are learning.

If you are raising a little global citizen, who speaks one language only,  it is never too early  to  talk about the differences this world offers, including different alphabets: Cyrillic , Latin  , Greek , Arabic ….

1. Pick some letters from different alphabets. Write them on a piece of paper or use printables I created for you.
Below you can find a worksheet with a letter "L" from Latin alphabet and a worksheet with a letter "Л" from Russian.
Use free printables downloads of Russian and Latin alphabet following the links below:
Free printable alphabet letters for preschoolers. ALL letters of ABC alphabet / Рабочие листы для бесплатного скачивания и печати с буквами английского алфавита

Free printable Russian alphabet letters for preschoolers. ALL letters of Russian АБВ alphabet / Рабочие листы для бесплатного скачивания и печати с буквами русского алфавита.

2. Take an old magazine or a newspaper with colorful pictures.

3. Ask your child to cut pictures out (small kids can easily do without scissors by just ripping pieces off from the magazine with their hands) and

4. Glue them with a stick glue to the paper following the letter shape.

Talk to your child about existence of different languages and alphabets and write down words that start with the letter of your choice in your language.

Ура! Появлась в продаже моя первая книжка-раскраска, написанная для русско-говорящих детей.  

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