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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Good Reads: Great conversation starter - folktale from New Guinea “The Turtle and the Island”. Age 4 and up.

What do you and your children know about Papua New Guinea?

The book “The turtle and the island” is a folktale that tells us in a very poetic way how the island of New Guinea was born and who were the first people living there. It is a great book for young independent readers and can be read to children from age of 4.

I found this folktale available in Russian and English languages. Have you seen/read it in other languages? If yes, in which one?

Book In Russian:

We read the story in Russian. The book is called "Остров и черепаха". It is very well told by Anastasia Brodotskaya (Анастасия Бродоцкая) and accompanied with beautiful illustrations by David Haykin ( Давид Хайкин).

Book In English:

The story “The Island and the turtle” was published in English by Barbara Ker Wilson (Author) and Frané Lessac (Illustrator).

Use this book to start a conversation with your child. Here are some topics you could expand on: You could talk about how islands are formed, introduce more geography, discuss turtles and ocean, talk about biodiversity … and the list does not end here!

If you have already read this folktale, check out the list of Russian language children's books and cartoons  or stop by to see what other international families and friends of Multicultural Kid Blogs have to recommend in the Read Around the World Summer Reading Series.  This is the second summer, when bloggers from all over the world share their recommendations of great multicultural books for the entire family!

Good reading time to everyone!

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  1. This looks like a great book! My library doesn't have it yet, so I may need to put in a request.

    1. Hi Katie! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope the little readers in your library will enjoy this book as much as my children do :) Does your library have kids books in other languages than English?