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Monday, August 3, 2015

Bilingual Children Travelling to Minority Language Country. Diary. DAY 2

Day Two.

Brief description: How playgrounds in Russia look like. Great book for your independent reader and  for reading to your child (available in Russian and English). St-Petersburg's Circus - a must see when you are there!

(For those of you , who are just joining in: I am travelling alone with two 3 and 5 years old kids to our family minority language home country - Russia. This is a continuation. Read about Bilingual Children Travelling to Minority Language Country - DAY ONE. )

Kids are kids. No matter where they are they like to go to playgrounds. We could not pass on one in St-Petersburg!

Kids were so excited to learn that the playground has actually a theme. This one has pictures of all the characters from a Russian book written by Alexander Volkov  "The Wizard of the Emerald City"  ( Александр Волков “Волшебник изумрудного города”) , a book that was initially a translation of Bauman’s “The Wonderful Wizard of OZ” and then turned into an independent piece of work. We finished reading the last book of the series just before leaving for Russia.

BTW, both of my kids just love all the books about Magic Land and Emerald City (“Волшебной стране" и "Изумрудном городе”). If you have not read them, do so, below you will find a reference to books in Russian and English.  I promise your kids will be asking you to keep on reading, a book after a book :)

Here is the list of Alexander Volkov’s books in Russian placed in order. I also write the titles in English, if you are interested to read them in that language as well.

Список книг Волкова про Волшебную страну по порядку:
Волшебник Изумрудного города

Урфин Джюс и его деревянные солдаты

Семь подземных королей

Огненный бог Марранов

Жёлтый Туман

Тайна заброшенного замка 

Here is a great website, where you can read all books about Emerald City online for free ( in Russian): 

Читать “Волшебник изумрудного города” онлайн.

Books in English:

Tales of Magic Land 1: The Wizard of the Emerald City and Urfin Jus and his Wooden Soldiers

Tales of Magic Land 2: The Seven Underground Kings and The Fiery God of the Marrans

Tales of Magic Land 3: The Yellow Fog and The Mystery of the Deserted Castle

Finally here are some pictures from our playground visit.

playground St Petersburg Russia

The evening was filled with new exciting emotions - we went to the world famous St-Petersburg Circus! (Шапито в Автово)

To say it was an AMAZING show on water is to say nothing. The performers were outstanding! Truly great show for both kids and adults!
Circus Avtovo St Petersburg Russia stage decoration
When I read that show is on water I was concerned, if there will be animals. They were there! A crocodile, two pitons, white doves, dogs, seals.

Unfortunately taking pictures during the show was not allowed. Check the website for more details. It will give you some hint what this show is all about (really a hint, as those few pictures are not from the best circus acts either) :

It was a memorable experience for my kids and for me. Besides the performance, I will keep in my memory the kids faces full of excitement and joy.

More to come soon!

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