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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Italian Christmas Decorations

When Italians start decorating for Christmas:

Traditionally Italians start decorating for Christmas in the beginning of December, on the day of the Immaculate Conception, which falls on December 8. However, lately many Italians started putting out Christmas decorations and lights as early as at the end of November.

1. Italian Christmas Decorations - Church

Church has an important part in Italian culture. Every single one is decorated and has a nativity scene display, that is called Presepe. You can find Presepe both inside and outside the church. Sometimes in a building in the near proximity.

Italian Christmas decorations near church

2. Italian Christmas Decorations - Nativity Scenes or Presepe 

Children and adults are passionate about building nativity scenes, that in Italian called Presepe.
Some Presepe are even animated!  There are also Live Nativity Scenes with real animals and people dressed in costumes.

3. Italian Christmas Decorations - Windows 

Italians are creative decorators and decorate for Christmas their house windows and balconies.

Italian Christmas Window Decorations

4. Italian Christmas Decorations - Doors and Entrances

There is almost no single door left without a decoration! Red color bows  and Christmas wreaths are used often this year.

5. Italian Christmas Decorations - Storefronts 

Stores beautiful Christmas decorations are another way to attract more customers during the winter holiday season. Christmas trees, lights and ornaments are everywhere, even on small town streets!

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